Does Laundry Pro get out tough stains without
Tough stains will still require pretreatment

Does the Laundry Pro work with all types of water including hard water?
Laundry Pro will work with all household water qualities, however additional pre-filtering may be necessary depending on the source water condition. To improve your results, if desired, use a water softener forhard water and/or a prefilter for chlorine, sediment or iron.

Will the Laundry Pro work with commercial washing machines?
Laundry Pro is designed for residential use only.

Is a plumber required to install Laundry Pro?
The customer is responsible for installation of their Laundry Pro unit. Some customers may prefer to have a plumber perform the installation although Laundry Pro can be installed in most homes by the home owner using standard hand tools. It should be noted there are potential problems which can arise during the installation depending on the condition of the plumbing in the home and the configuration and location of the washer. If the cold water valve is stuck or the washing machine needs to be moved back which may require re-leveling, a plumber may be required. Aerus LLC is not liable for improper installation or damage caused from improper installation and recommends a licensed plumber. Appropriate warnings and concerns are included in this owner’s manual. Always follow local plumbing codes when installing the Laundry Pro.

Can I hook the Laundry Pro unit up to things other than a washing machine?
No. However, Aerus has an optional ActiveClean port kit you can install on the Laundry Pro to create oxygenated water for other cleaning uses.

What effect does Laundry Pro have on elastic?
Normal operation of a Laundry Pro unit should have no negative impact on elastic in clothing.

Can I let my clothes soak?
It is not recommended that clothes are allowed to soak in Laundry Pro water.